Who We Are

Meet some of our Officers and Alumni!


Samarth Goel


Hi! I'm a senior majoring in CS and Business. My poker playstyle is 0 EV with extremely high variance. My favorite hand is J10s and I've lost KK to AA 3 times in a single game.

Prakash Srivastava


Ever since I was a young child, my dream has been to go to UC Berkeley and major in CS (I am currently living this dream). My favorite hand is KJo and I have a VPIP of 35%. My hobbies include basketball, cooking, your mom, and arbitrage.


Ariel Qian

Head of External

Hi, I'm Ariel, a junior majoring in IEOR and Business. As Head of External, I'm excited to grow P@B's brand and forge new initiatives with corporate sponsors. In my free time, I enjoy making Spotify playlists, playing games, and singing karaoke!


Reagan Lee

Head of Marketing

Hello! I'm a senior studying Data Science and Econ. My favorite hand is pocket 10s and I enjoy being a dealer in games. Reach out to chat, or play chess as well :)


William Lin


I'm a junior studying EECS and Business - nice to meet you!


Gavin Yu


Hi there! I'm Gavin, a sophomore majoring in computer science. In my free time I enjoy rock climbing, cooking, and exploring new places. Can't wait to meet you all this year!


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